Symptoms of leukopenia

Leukopenia symptoms begin to show only in severe cases of leukopenia, mild cases usually have no symptoms. These symptoms may include:

  • Anemia. Anemia is a condition in which one does not have enough healthy red blood cells to carry the right amount of oxygen to the tissues. Anemia can cause fatigue.
  • Menorrhagia. Women who suffer from leukopenia may suffer from menorrhagia, or abnormally heavy menstrual period. Your periods may last longer than it normally would, too. Women can also experience metrorrhagia or uterine bleeding that is not caused by menstruation. Women who suffer from vaginal bleeding should seek medical attention immediately, as it can be a sign that they have a serious infection or cancer.
  • Other. Patients with low white blood cells commonly show signs of fatigue that may be accompanied with irritability or hot flashes. They can often develop headaches or mood swings. Because the immune system is impaired is more likely that the development of inflammation in the patient’s mouth. This can occur around the cheeks, lips, cheeks, tongue, tonsils, etc.. Patients should be carefully observed infections because they have a much higher risk of developing ulcers or pneumonia during bathing in infection rate.